Searching / Approving / Declining Payment Gateway Transactions

When your Customers / Sub-Resellers perform a financial transaction through any online Payment Gateway, that you have enabled for them, there may be cases where you would have to manually decide whether you want to receive these funds or not.

Additional Information

Payment Gateway Integration Guide

This may be due to the cases explained below:

Steps to Approve/Decline such Transactions

  1. Login to your Reseller Control Panel. See details

  2. In the Menu, point to Customers / Sub-Resellers -> Billing and click PaymentGateway Transactions.

  3. Select the appropriate Payment Gateway and the Transaction Type as either Invoice / Debit Note Payment or Add Funds Transactions.

  4. This would take you to the List of Transactions. On clicking the Transaction Id link, you would be taken to the Transaction Details view.


    Before proceeding further, you need to make sure that you have carefully read the information provided under points A and B above and performed the necessary actions.

  5. In case the Status is AuthStarted or AuthPending, you would have the option to Approve / Decline the Transaction.

    • If you choose to Approve the Transaction, you would be prompted to confirm the action and then taken to the Transaction Details page. Here you would be presented two editable fields, one having the Transaction Amount in your Selling Currency and the other in your Accounting Currency. In case you have decided to pass on the Payment Gateway Transaction Fee to your Customers/Sub-Resellers in case of Add Funds Transactions, you need to replace these values with the Net amount you wish to Credit the Customer/Sub-Reseller. The Accounting Currency amount can be calculated by multiplying the Selling Currency amount you have chosen to Credit your Customer/Sub-Reseller with the Currency Conversion Rate displayed.

      Click Submit to approve the Transaction. This Transaction will now be marked as Settled.

      1. If your Accounting and Selling Currencies are the same, you will presented the Transaction amount only in your Selling Currency.

      2. The Currency Conversion Rate displayed will be the conversion rate on the day the Transaction was performed.

      3. In the event that this is an AuthPending PayPal Standard Checkout Payment Gateway transaction, then depending upon whether you have a policy of deducting transaction charges for any transaction processed through this gateway, you may either reduce this amount from the Accounting and Selling Currency amount or leave them the equivalent of the Transaction Amount.

        • If the Selling and Accounting Currencies amount you wish to credit matches the Transaction Amount, the system would not know the Gateway Transaction Fees borne by you and you would be required to input the same in the Transaction Fees field.

        • If however, the Selling and Accounting Currencies amount you wish to credit differs from the Transaction Amount, then the system would assume that the difference is the Gateway Transaction Fees borne by you and the system would automatically calculate this and display it.

        For example,

        Your Selling Currency - USD
        Your Accounting Currency - INR
        Conversion Rate - INR 50

        Now if your Sub-Reseller has paid you through the PayPal Standard Checkout Payment Gateway an amount of USD 10, then when you login to your PayPal Merchant Account to confirm if you have actually received these Funds, then if your policy is to credit the entire amount to your Sub-Reseller, you need not note the Transaction Fees borne by you and simply enter the equivalent of USD 10 in the Selling and Accounting Currency Amounts.

        If, however, your policy is to credit your Sub-Reseller with only the net amount, you should note the Transaction Fees charged by PayPal. Assuming you were charged USD 1 by PayPal, you would need to input the Selling Currency Amount as USD 9 [Selling Currency Amount less Transaction Fee Amount] and the Accounting Currency Amount as INR 450 [Accounting Currency Amount (USD 10 * INR 50 = INR 500) less Transaction Fee Amount (USD 1 * INR 50 = INR 50)].

    • If you choose to Decline the Transaction, you would be prompted to confirm the action post which the Transaction will be marked AuthFailed.